Raja Gokuldas

* Raja Sahib
* Family Tree
* Man in the making
* Nature and Life Style
* Commerce and Business
* Public works by Raja Sahib
* Relations with Royalty
* Eventide

Diwan Bahadur Jiwandas

* Childhood, Education, Marriage
* Hobbies and tastes
* Public works

Seth Govind Das
* Seth Govind Das, His Childhood, Marriage and children
* Entry into the Congress Party :: The Election of 1923 and Swaraj party’s clean sweep ::
Significant events of 1924 & 1925 :: Recommendation for high profile post and his refusal :: Spilt in Swaraj Party
* Council of State and Govind Das ji as a young Parliamentarian :: General Election of 1926 and the condition in Central Province :: Simon Commission :: Govind Das ji as President of Regional Congress committee :: Lahore Congress Session :: Civil Disobedience movement
* Govind Das ji’s arrest and first term in Jail :: Political Case & Imprisonment :: As Political Prisoner in Jubbulpore Jail :: Solitude of Buldhana Jail :: Experiences in Damoh Jail :: Gandhi-Irwin Pact & Gonvinddas’ release :: Karachi Session :: Second Round Table conference :: Civil Disobedience Movement in Jabalpur :: Govind Das ji’s arrest along with others :: Writings in Nagpur Jail
* Govind Das ji’s wife’s illness :: Giving up family’s property :: Arrest in 1933 and his experience in jail :: Formation of Adarsh Flim Limited :: Making of Flim ‘Dhuadhar’ :: Dalit Kusum and Africa Mein Bharat :: Tussle of Power in Mahakoshal Election committee :: Resignation from Congress :: Jawahar’s visit to pacify Govind Das ji :: Election of 1937
* Trip to Africa :: First sea voyage :: Crisis After Govind Das ji’s return from Africa
* Historic Congress Session at Tripuri :: Retirement from active politics :: Satyagraha, Jail and Writing
* The War of Independence of 1942 :: Transfer to Vellore Jail :: Vellore Jail to Jabalpur Jail :: Transfer to Damoh Jail :: Fixed programme after his release
* Mahakoshal Shahid Smarak :: Election of Central Assembly :: Constituent Assembly :: Contribution made by Govind Das ji for Hindi as national Language :: The first Elections of Independent India :: Commonwealth Council in New Zealand
* As a Parliamentarian :: Passing of Govind Das ji
Literature & Publications
About Jubbulpore

* Jubbulpore : City of Marble Rocks
* Kamania, Commissioner’s Residency, Hanumantal, Victoria Hospital
* Madan Mahal Fort, Khandari Water Works, Victoria Town Hall, The Law Courts
* The Railway Station, Robertson College, Govind Bhavan, Empire Theatre, Ridge Road

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