Samadhi of Raja Gokuldas

Statue of Raja Gokuldas

Life came full circle for Raja Sahib with the birth of his grand children Govind Das and Raj Kumari Bai. He was also lucky to be part of the marriage ceremonies of his grand children.

In the year 1908, he went to Sophapur in Hoshabgabad district of C.P. to condole with a relation. Here, he fell ill. Consequently, he returned back to Jubbulpore. He became restrained since his return from this tour. He refused to talk to anyone, even to his wife with whom he confided whenever he felt unwell.

During the day his condition deteriorated. He called upon his grand children and inquired what they were doing. By nightfall, he grew more uneasy. He gave away much charity, as if he knew that the time has come for him to leave this world.

At 20 minutes past ten, on  of 1908, Raja Gokuldas passed away at the age of 69. But he is still alive, very much part of the Jubbulpore, will remain in reminiscence of the Central Province for the philanthropic works. But the public works stand mute to the legacy of this man.